Church Rectors

Hanging in the Chancel is the list of Rectors emphasising our unbroken link with the church of the past. Of particular interest are:

Anthony de Bec

Left Waddington to become Bishop of Durham in 1283.

John Every (Rector 1733-1779)

Remembered chiefly for neglecting the church building, but it was during his time at Waddington that Lincoln College, Oxford became responsible for appointing our Rectors. A link with the College still exists.

Richard Waldo Sibthorp (Curate here 1815-1816)

A member of the Canwick Sibthorp family. He founded the St Anne's

Bede Houses in Lincoln, and became a Roman Catholic - twice!

Archdeacon George Perry (Rector 1852-1897)

Church historian and is commemorated in a stained glass window in the Chapter House of Lincoln Cathedral.

  Doctor Thomas Henry Stokoe (Rector 1897-1904)

General Editor for the Revised version of the Bible, published in 1898.

Frederick William Quilter (Rector 1904 - 1911)

More info being acquired.

 Edwin Howard Cobb (Rector 1911-1920)

Founder of the Christian Healing Centre at Crowhurst, Sussex.

Geoffrey Griffith (Position TBC 1953 - 1957)