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Welcome to St Michael's

St Michael's has been closed during the current lockdown in order to keep everyone safe. However, we will be holding our Easter Sunday Eucharist Service in the church on April 4th. We look forward to welcoming you back into St Michael's to celebrate Christ's resurrection.

Join in the St Michael's Community Craft Project for Easter

For the past two years, we have had a large cross outside the church during Lent which was then decorated with flowers for Easter Sunday as a celebration of Christ's birth. This year the cross is outside the church once again, but we are doing something different.

We invite everyone of all ages in the village to find a piece of paper or card - plain or coloured - and draw round their hand or hands. Then let your imagination run riot and decorate your paper hand however you want - use crayons, felt-tips, paint, tissue craft, fabrics, patterns, shapes, text or cut-outs. Alternatively you could do actual hand prints!

We will use everyone's 'hands' to decorate the cross outside the church and, if we get enough, the large west window in the church. The more we get, the more fantastic it will look!

Drop off your finished 'hands' in the box at the main church door. If you are unable to drop off your 'hands', please get in touch by emailing comms@stmichaelschurchwaddington.org.uk or calling 07906 425 381 and we'll make arrangements to pick them up.

Please drop off your 'hands' by Good Friday, 2nd April, so we can get everything ready for Easter Sunday! We look forward to seeing your artwork!

St Michael's is still very much alive as a ‘virtual community’. We are using Zoom to hold online services and activities, alongside those that we can hold in person.

  •  Sunday morning services usually at 10.00 am via Zoom

  •  Early Evening Prayer on Sundays at 6.00 pm via Zoom

  •  Prayer Wave online at 9.30 am on Wednesdays

  •  Little Angels is online at 1.30 pm on Thursdays in term-time

  •  Joyful Singers Community Choir practices via Zoom on 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6.00 pm

  •  Virtual Coffee Mornings at 10.00 am on the 2nd Saturday of the month

  •  Churchyard Gardening Club 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month

Services for Holy Week 2021

  • Sun 28th Mar • 10.00 am • Palm Sunday service
  • Wed 31st Mar • 9.30 am • Prayer Wave for Holy Week
  • Thurs 1st Apr • 7.30 pm • Maundy Thursday Eucharist service
  • Fri 2nd Apr • 2.00 pm • ‘Last Hour at the Cross’ contemplative service
  • Sat 3rd Apr • 8.00 pm • Easter Saturday vigil with St Giles Lincoln
  • Sun 4th Apr • 10.00 am • Easter Sunday Eucharist service. To be held in St Michael's church.

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Owing to social distancing regulations there is a limit to the number of people we can have in church, so you will need to pre-book. You must wear a face covering, unless you have a valid exemption. For Covid Test and Trace, as you arrive, we will take your name and a contact number. If you use the NHS Test and Trace app we have posters displaying our QR code for you to use. We have taken all sensible precautions in reopening the church (cleaning, social distancing, etc), but only you know whether there are additional risks that make it unwise for you to visit church at the moment. Please do not come into church if you have Covid-19 symptoms. 

Baptisms and Weddings

There are restrictions in place for baptisms, weddings and funerals at present. If you would like to discuss holding your special event after lockdown or reserve a date for later in the year, please email the Parish Administrator (parishadmin@stmichaelschurchwaddington.org.uk) or call 01522 881664.